Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Mahendran Continues To Mess Up Central Bank As He Replaces Top Officials With His Catchers

Arjuna Mahendran continued to take arbitrary decision in his final days as Governor of Central Bank, by transferring the Bank’s Director of Human Resources, among several other top officials for not heeding his orders.
arjuna mahendran
The Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that Mahendran had instructed the Director of Human Resources to come up with a scheme so retired employees of the Central Bank can be absorbed back to work at the bank, however the Director of HR had objected to this decision, resulting in him being transferred out, while another pro-Mahendran was appointed in his place.

In another incident, Mahendran has also transferred the Assistant Governor who functioned as the Secretary to the Monetary Board and the officer who functioned as the Deputy Secretary to the Board, and filled those positions with staff members who are known to bow down to the Governor’s orders.
It is believed that Mahendran was looking to recruit and promote a certain retired bank employee who has been writing articles for English newspapers defending him. “It is more like a thank you gesture,” a source said. Recruiting retired bank employees is against the practices of the bank.
A highly placed source said that Members of the Pensioners’ Association have being boasting claiming that they can get Mahendran to do anything for them at Central Bank.
The member who Mahendran is trying to bring back does not hold any position in the association and is only a member of it. It is learnt that even the office bearers of the association have joined hands to support Mahendran’s decision to absorb retired officers to work again at Central Bank.