Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Experts say change in Yemen war tactics ‘positive’

In such long military battles ‘it is essential that the fighting forces take periodic breaks’

Image Credit: AFP
An UAE army vehicle, supporting troops of Yemen’s President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, is seen at an oil refinery in Yemen’s port city of Aden
Dubai: Military experts commended the UAE’s troop rotation tactic in Yemen, announced on Monday, which will see the first batch replaced by another as part of Operation Restoring Hope, saying “it was a positive move, in favour of the coalition forces.”
The military tactic, which is used in military operations the world over, experts told Al Bayan newspaper, aims to revitalise the UAE’s presence in Yemen. They said the decision to replace troops was well-timed, especially since it’s been nearly seven months since the UAE began deploying military forces in Yemen.
The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces on Monday announced that the first batch of Emirati soldiers will be replaced by the second group of soldiers. The rotation comes following many victories, such as the liberation of Marib and retaking the Marib dam, parts of which was rebuilt on behalf of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
According to Al Bayan, the second batch will participate in the Arab coalition forces to perform new tasks in Yemen, replacing the first instalment of troops “which was able to achieve several important victories.”
Strategy-analyst Major General Monem Kato said the troop-rotation decision taken by the UAE is a positive move, in favour of the UAE army and the Saudi-led coalition forces in general. “It is a punctual decision,” he told Al Bayan, “especially since the coalition is on the outskirts of the Yemeni capital Sana’a, and is on the verge of liberating it.”
“In such military battles, which take a long time, it is essential that the fighting forces take periodical breaks,” he said, “either through holidays or replacing the combat troops with new forces. He stressed that the rotation is still the best option, especially if the new forces have the same efficiency and combat experience.
According to the report, analysts believe that the UAE army is playing a prominent role in the military operations carried out in Yemen. The impact of their role was salient during the past seven months. They have been credited with resolving battles in many areas. Their latest move of troop-rotation confirms that it plays a leading role in military operations in Yemen.
Military-expert Major General Yusri Qandil said the new batch of troops have been trained to withstand the geographical conditions in Yemen. He told Al Bayan that the decision will help the UAE Armed Forces to “continue their valiant fight for a longer period.” He noted that the tactic was implemented in most military operations across the world. “All wars witness such decisions,” he said.
On the ground in Yemen, meanwhile, after a series of defeats, Al Houthi forces have been forced to withdraw from the province of Ibb. According to a report in Al Bayan, the militia groups also incurred heavy losses in the province of Dale’ and Shabwa.
Quoting sources in Yemen, Al Bayan revealed that the Al Houthi militias withdrew after repetitive attacks from resistance fighters. Al Houthis reportedly left to the Yarim district, where forces loyal to the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh have camped.
Al Bayan reported that following a number of violent clashes, resistance fighters were able to control the number of sites that were controlled by Houthi forces. A large number of Houthis were reportedly killed, including leaders of the field.