Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Reasons For The UPFA’s Loss

By Sirajul Anam –
Sirajul Anam
Sirajul Anam
The recently concluded General Election is a good indicator about the people’s choice and desire on electing their representatives for the next parliament. It also a clear indicator about how bad management decisions can cost you dearly. Let us analyse them briefly.
In the Presidential Election in January 2015, UPFA got 5,768,090 votes while the NDF under Swan symbol received 6,217,162 votes. In yesterday’s General Election, UPFA received 4,732,669 votes while the UNP as the major party received 5,098,927. Some might argue that, UNP lost its popularity from the last election which is far from the truth. In the last Presidential election, it was a Common Front that received 6,217,162 votes. If you add the votes received by JVP, ITAK, DP, SLMC, and other minor parties who were partners for the victory of NDF, the total number of vote will be anything around 6,130,000 which is closer to the votes the NDF received in January 2015. It is an obvious fact that UPFA lost its major share of votes in yesterday’s election, over 1 million.
The first reason for UPFA’s loss is the team didn’t respect their Leader and brought another leader who had different vision and attitude. From the day one, we saw the conflict in the open arena which made even hardcore SLFP voters to feel depressed and confused, in return making them not to cast their vote on Monday. In many districts, the voters’ turnout was around 65 to 70%.

Racism; People are fed up with politicians playing racist mind games and they have come to a state that they cannot be fooled anymore. People are not willing to buy about the threats and imaginative stories said in the election stages to buy votes using fear factor.
Bad campaign; UPFA candidates spent most of their valuable times in answering trivial issues and questions raised by the UNP and JVP. They loss most of their precious time of educating their pledges and vision to common people and used it to answer and counter attack the other parties. And again, their counter attack arguments were definitely childish!
Wrong speakers addressing wrong issues; Everyone who was watching the TV and seeing the Talk shows, Debates and news coverage on election meetings witnessed the way how UPFA candidates spoke in amateurish styles. They were not hand-picked by their leader for sure, and whoever got the opportunity to appear in the TV shows, went for the debate ill-prepared and screwed themselves and the party’s image so badly. While the UNP and JVP selected well prepared representatives.
Out of focus campaign; For the last 10 over years, UPFA had a well planned campaign strategy and they were very strong in projecting themselves positively and their campaign worked out well starting from grass root level. This time around, it took them 2 weeks just to establish themselves in the mind of voters and by the time they start to reach the peak, the time was over. Here again, bad choice of candidates handled the campaign and made a big mess. This includes poison bottle displayed in news conferences! (I definitely know, some candidates who lost in the preferential race will dream those poison bottles tonight).
In a nutshell, I wind up this piece by saying those faults in few words (more like what can happen in a private establishment): A very Good Product, Bad Tempered and Attitude CEO, Bad General Managers and Marketing Managers, Wrong Choice of Words, Bad Campaign and a crazy set of Sales Representatives!