Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Don’t play mad, go home & get the ID, Ranil tells Muzammil!

Don’t play mad, go home & get the ID, Ranil tells Muzammil!
Colombo mayor A.J.M. Muzammil forgot to take his national identity card or passport when he accompanied prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to the polling booth at the Colombo University to cast their votes on August 17. When he was asked to furnish identification, without saying that he forgot to bring them, he asked them, “Why, child, don’t you know me? I am the Colombo mayor.” But, officials insisted that he should furnish his identification.
The prime minister told his bodyguards to find out as to why the person who had accompanied to the polling booth was taking so long to vote. Coming to the PM with the bodyguards, the mayor asked that since he forgot to bring the identity card, speak to the officials and allow him to vote.
“Don’t play mad. Law is equal to all. I am the prime minister, but they checked my identity card. There is time. Go home and bring the identity card,” the PM told him and sent him home. This is the difference between Ranil and Mahinda. Had Muzammil made the same request from Mahinda, he would have said, “Ado, don’t you know the Colombo people? Who asked for your identity card? Send him home right now,” and sent home the officer who wanted to check his identity card.
Ranil’s exemplary act is an illustration for good governance. We should start small and proceed to bigger things.